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A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount "up to and including my life."

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Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water Project 15March 2013 update

Camp Lejeune Historic Water Update. To download the report or summary please visit this National Academies link.

Latest information from Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry concerning U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


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Seabees Critical Past Films

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Our Paul Glasser (following quote) found this info concerning the movie "The Fighting Seabees"...

"I found this discussion on a face book group page called all Seabees Vietnam era    From the OSK SEABEE grapevine: Since my Dad, Carpenters Mate 1st Class (at the time of the filming, and later a USMC Tech Sergeant) , Kenneth Thompson, was in the movie, I can answer. The marching scene was indeed at Camp Parks. Right after that he and his training company were transferred into a USMC Pioneer Battalion, but his training unit kept with the movie. He was later re-transferred into the 76th NCB. In 1943 many of the men intially in CB training (now assigned as USMC engineers) later still re-assigned to the 76th NCB, were detailed to work with Republic Pictures, as was the 53rd NCB, in the production of that now classic motion picture. The 53rd, as my Dad told it, was the only organized, numbered, NCB to have participated in the making of the “The Fighting Seabees”, but several training companies were involved.  Many of the actual scenes with real SEABEES were not included in the final release of the movie. The scene of the bayonet drill, was my Dad’s unit, You can actually see him in the background, and equipment operations scenes were the real thing. "

Original photos taken on the set of The Fighting Seabees



The MCB 53 Alumni Association - Welcome

Our Seabee Motto "CAN DO" keeps the Association humming! If there is something special that you would like to see or contribute, please contact the Association Officers. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. The MCB 53 Alumni Association was founded in 1989 with Ralph Storti taking a leading role. Today's database lists 1,290 former members of the Battalion. Of these, 122 are from the WW II Era, while the remainder are from the 1968 and 1969 Tours to Vietnam. There are good names, addresses and phone numbers for 550 of them, 115 others have since passed away, and another 630 of our brothers are still waiting for us to find them. Keeping our data base accurate requires a group effort.   Together we can and do find ways to share contact information with improving formats. Once again, constructive thoughts are always appreciated. We've had twenty-one reunions to date: PA in 1992, OH in 1993, FL in 1995, MN in 1996, SC in 1998, MA in 1999, NV in 2001, PA in 2002, FL in 2004, MO in 2005, VA in 2007, Honolulu HI in October 2008, Washington in 2010, Perdido Key 2011, Council Bluffs 2013, Niagara Falls 2014, Duluth 2016, sea cruise out of Florida 2018, a San Diego reunion in 2019,Arlington Virginia/Washington D.C. reunion in 2021 and a reunion at Lockport NY in 2023. Comments, please send a note to the publisher (Bernie ).    Questions, comments, additions to the newsletter or web page, contact Bernie at .

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