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A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount "up to and including my life."

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                  (set 2) ww2ronbiericredit    I purchased this Photo Album (set two) on eBay from a Seller named Bill Griffin of Cardington, OH. He told me he found the album at a local "barn sale" and had no idea who the original owner may have been, which is unfortunate. The album was described as being from NCB 53 and contains photos from several units.  CBMU 586 was active on Bougainville Island from April, 1944 in the Cape Torokina area on Bougainville where a Fighter Airfield was constructed (by NCB 71) shortly after the initial invasion. The cape forms kind of the NW corner of Empress Augusta Bay where elements of NCBs 25, 53, 71 & 75 assaulted Bougainville under fire along with the 3rd Marine Division on 01 Nov ‘43. According to my reference books, NCB 53 and a 100 man Marine group assisted 71 by constructing a camp for Marine aviation personnel -- including a three ward hospital, galleys and mess hall and storage buildings. The Torokina Air Field was operational 10 Dec ‘43 and handled Corsairs and light bombers. It is said that "much of the construction at Torokina was accomplished under actual battle conditions".     From 08 March through 28 March the Japanese conducted an unsuccessful attack on the area resulting in numerous Seabee casualties.     
                         Sincerely,                                             Ron Bieri


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