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A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount "up to and including my life."

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WW II 53rd Naval Construction Battalion 

    Vietnam Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 53

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Current MCB 53 Roster

WWII MCB 53 Seabee Newsletter 

The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter 1 March 1968
 The ESPRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter 1 April 1968 
 FAMILYGRAM March 1968 
 FAMILYGRAM April 1968 
 FAMILYGRAM July 1968 
The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter Dec 1968 
 28 April 1969 CO's Letter  
     The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter April 1969 pp1-8 
The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter April 1969 pp9-16 
The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter May 1969
(four pages) 
The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter May 1969 (entire)
 The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter June 1969
 The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter August 1969 
The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter September 1969 
 The ESPIRIT of MCB 53 Newsletter December 1969  
  Vietnam '68 article written by Jim Casino 

These are large files seabeequonsethuts

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The Great Seabee Train Robbery

Seabees gather to look back on time spent in Vietnam War

SEABEE Island X-4 By Roger LeBlanc
I live in NH and I command SEABEE Island X-4 in Laconia, NH. X-4 is the only surviving Island in NH. I'm always looking for new recruits, feel free to join. That's why I have MCB53 on all three of my vehicles and a pocket full of business cards. One day I saw MCB1 on one vehicle and waited for him to come out of the store. I showed him my plate, gave him my card, and now he's our new Chaplin. I have a regular Passenger plate, a Veterans' plate and a Navy decal plate. We've designed a SEABEE decal plate and I presented it to the NH DMV, they liked the idea, but it has to be approved by the NH Legislature.  They will take it up for a vote this Fall. What a great way to spot a BEE.

A terrific WW II Seabee website maintained by a Catholic Nun for her relatives that served in the Seabees.

    John D. McCurdy personal narrative of MCB 53 during WWII
Personal narrative 53rd on Guam, Marianas, and Bougainville 
  More on Bougainville

Thomas N. Earp with MCB 53 WW II interview

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A short article from Construction Equipment Guide that honors the SeaBees

Bougainville Diary: The Naval Construction Battalion First Marine Amphibious Corps (53rd Seabees)


In Honor of the Vietnam Seabees, Some Gave All